For a fledgling company high standards were the norm. All Murph guitars were thoroughly checked for ANY flaws in those “10 coats of hand – rubbed lacquer”. The Westerner model evolved as a way to utilise Squire guitars that did not meet final paint inspection & at the same time introduce a “country & western” style of guitar to the public.


Rather than having to go through the repainting stage again, the guitars were upholstered in a naugahyde ( vinyl ) metalflake material  with a row of upholstery tacks around the join between front and back panels. ( vinyl was a covering method used by Hofner, Egmond and other European makers but NEVER with chrome upholstery studs….a definite Murph original ) A super rare Murph Westerner owned by Tim King


“Elegantly upholstered in red, white, blue, gold, silver or aqua material” is how the catalogue eloquently puts it.

Just how many Westerners were made is uncertain but it certainly wasn’t a lot – maybe the world wasn’t ready for this sort of glitterfest – really 10 years before their time …… but in the 70’s, bring it on!